CLME+ Project Background

A first UNDP GEF CLME Project (2009-2014) enabled the development of a Strategic Action Programme (CLME+ SAP, 2015-2025) to reverse environmental degradation in the CLME+ region, which was endorsed at high political levels by over 20 countries within the region in 2013. The SAP puts considerable focus on priority actions that aim at dealing with root causes of environmental degradation such as weak governance arrangements and capacity and information gaps, and overall lack of coordination of efforts, as a result of geopolitical and sectoral fragmentation at the regional, sub-regional, national and local levels.

In 2015, following the wide spread political support of the CLME+ SAP, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) released a USD 12,5 million grant to help catalyse implementation of the SAP through the UNDP/GEF CLME+ Project (2015-2020). This 5-year CLME+ Project specifically aims at supporting the implementation of the 10-year CLME+ SAP.

Given the abundance of projects and initiatives in the region that can deal with stress reduction at the local or national scale, the CLME+ Project has clearly identified its niche among all regional projects and initiatives, and therefore puts a major focus on the enhancement of governance architecture and processes.