Governance arrangements for marine ecosystems of the Wider Caribbean Region

Year of publication: 2013
Author: Mahon R., Cooke, A., Fanning, L., and McConney, P. / UWI-CERMES
Pages: #109 p.

Abstract: The CLME Project includes a Regional Governance Framework (RGF) component that is aimed at analyzing the regional ocean governance situation in the Wider Caribbean Region and proposing an RGF as a basis for the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) that is a major output of the Project. The RGF component of the CLME Project combines information drawn from the pilots and case studies with information from additional governance analyses at the level of the entire WCR and also with other studies conducted outside the CLME Project to develop a multi-scale, multilevel RGF. This report describes the work done and the RGF that has been proposed for the SAP.

The Valuation of Marine Ecosystem Goods and Services in the Wider Caribbean Region

Year of publication: 2012
Author: Schuhmann, P. / UWI-CERMES
Pages: #64 p.

Abstract: This report provides a summary of economic analyses of marine ecosystem services in the Wider Caribbean Region for the three major marine ecosystem types being addressed by the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME) Project: reef, pelagic and continental shelf. Particular attention is given to empirical valuation studies. An overview of existing valuation methodologies is provided, along with recommendations for applications in the in the CLME Project area.

70th Annual Conference GCFI: Call for Papers

GCFI Press Release

June 6, 2017 – The 70th Annual conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute will be held in Merida, Mexico, from 6-10 November 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Merida Hotel. The conference is being hosted by the CINVESTAV, Unidad Merida, Instituto Technologico de Merida and Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan. Continue reading “70th Annual Conference GCFI: Call for Papers”

Latest endorsement of the CLME+ SAP

May 10, 2017 – On 9 May 2017, France became the 25th country to have endorsed the 10-year CLME+ Strategic Action Programme (SAP).  Formal political endorsement came by means of a letter from the then  French Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Sea, Mrs. Segolene Royal.   Continue reading “Latest endorsement of the CLME+ SAP”

Towards an Integrated Reporting Mechanism for the CLME+ SAP

March 27, 2017 – The Global Environment Facility (GEF), through its International Waters (IW) Focal Area, financially supports the adoption of the “Large Marine Ecosystem approach” for the collaborative, transboundary management of shared marine resources. In this context, the GEF and UNDP foster the adoption of a cyclical approach of joint (a) Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and (b) Strategic Planning. Continue reading “Towards an Integrated Reporting Mechanism for the CLME+ SAP”