Central “CLME+” Web Portal launched on World Ocean Day

The “CLME+ Hub” was pre-launched on World Ocean Day on June 9th 2017. The Hub is accessible via the URL www.clmeplus.org, and will support the mobilisation and progressive expansion of the global “CLME+ Alliance and Partnership” for the sustainable management and use of marine resources in the CLME+ region.

It will provide central access to information, documents, knowledge, meeting calendars and featured stories from CLME+ Partnership members. As such, this Web portal will contribute to the Partnership’s mission of “improving interactive and collaborative living marine resources governance”.

The CLME+ Hub is currently available as a prototype with limited content and functionality, but will be progressively enriched with additional information and tools during the second half of 2017. This will include an online Documents Library, and other searchable databases. The Web portal is meant to become a permanent, regional reference point for organizations and people with a stake in the marine environment, owned by the CLME+ Partnership.
It is expected that, when fully developed, the “CLME+ Hub” shall, among other things:

  • Provide access to information and information products on the CLME+ Partnership, CLME+ Strategic Action Programme (SAP), and associated Programmes, Projects and Initiative
  • Provide access to meeting calendars and training opportunities & materials Facilitate the exchange of data, information and products among Partnership Members
  • Provide general oversight, and facilitate the tracking of progress under the CLME+ SAP
  • Provide an online version of the CLME+ “State of the Marine Ecosystems” (SOMEE) report
  • Enable a wide variety of stakeholders from different sectors of society to make a pledge and become part of the CLME+ Alliance, supporting the implementation of the CLME+ SAP
  • Enable Partnership Members to feature information and documents on the CLME+ Hub
  • Guide visitors to other sites and portals managed by the different members of the Partnership